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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Three Totally Random Things...

1. While working in Ft. Smith today, I used the nicest restroom in the U.S. according to Cintas. It is quite a nice restroom. More space than they will probably ever need. There are plush reclining chairs in the bathroom which kind of freak me out. There is only one place in the restroom where you should be sitting down. And if you have to be in a reclining position to use those, well, you are using that seat the wrong way...

2. Also while in Ft. Smith, I was using my small crane to pick up a thousand pound weight when this guy told me that he needed a crane like that. When I asked him why, I thought he said to load his beer in this truck. I looked at him kind of funny and said, "Eugene, I like to drink beer as much as the next man, but if you need a crane to put your beer in your truck, well you might have a bit of a problem." He laughed, "Deer, I could use it to pick up the deer I hunt." He then added, "I don't drink beer, I like bourbon." I smiled and said, "Well then, you my friend are a gentleman and a scholar."

3. I spent most of the night at Barnes and Noble reading the Fair Tax Book. It was quite interesting and I am going to read the rest of it really soon. It makes a lot of sense. Even though each side of the political spectrum would beg to differ, that is all the citizens of the U.S. want. I will report more about the book when I get done reading it...


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