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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ben Tay E New Wave A

I didn't tell everyone this, but this happened a few weeks ago. But today is a day for some humor. It is a day for celebrating the 29th anniversary of my father's worst hangover ever,

I was at community group, and we were playing this game. I forget the name of the game. But it had something to do with sounding things words out that have no meaning into a some sort of statement.

Well, there was one that was supposed to mean "A Good Paying Job." Well, yours truly, with foot squarely in my mouth, I tried to sound it out. And I was trying to sound out the answer before the time ran out. So I yelled out, "A Good Hand..." and trailed off. Everyone just sort of looked at me in shock for a second and then just busted out laughing. Good ol' Lafe, always saying something inappropriate at church group. Oh well.

(A Quick sidenote on Ben Tay E New Wave A, on the way to work this morning I heard two of my favorite songwriters Warren Zevon and Todd Snider. Two of my favorite songs that seem to say a lot about the day. Todd Snider sang, "It's been a long, long year, how did I get here?" But Warren Zevon summed it up best, "Send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan.")


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