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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Big Jim

I don't know why all my friends used to call my dad "Big Jim." I think Jarrod, who my dad always calls Josh, was the first one that started calling him that. Then Josh, who my dad calls Jarrod, started calling him that too...


Dad, I had a great time on vacation with you. You didn't teach me how to play craps, but I probably didn't need to know anyway. During that split second between when you asked me to go and the moment I said I would go, I knew that I would regret not going. Glad I didn't have to find that out...

riding salts

"It doesn't matter what age you turn on your birthday, what matters is you keep having them." Jim Benson October 12, 2006 on his 63rd Birthday...

flaming gorge

And I promise Dad, I am writing about Bonneville. I was going to try and unveil the story for you birthday, but it isn't good enough yet to publish. I don't want you to call me and tell me that it was good. I want you to call me and say, "Damn son, that was a f'ing good story!"


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