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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mmmmm Sacrilicious

My friend John goes to a chuch in Raleigh, NC that created these parodies of the Jesus film. When I first watched them, I had myself a few good laughs. Then I realized that for a church to produce these satirical videos is pretty ballsy. It started my train of thought to a simple question: What is sacilegious?

Sure we can laugh at a group of Muslims when they get upset about a cartoon portraying Muhammed in an unflattering light. But when the same satirical eye points towards Jesus, we become just as unglued. We don't necessarily threaten to kill anyone, but we are just as mad. So what is the line? Can we laugh at Jesus? Can we laugh at the church? Can we laugh at ourseleves?

For me, I look at these videos and realize that the church that produced these videos is no laughing at Jesus. They are mocking the way that many have portrayed Jesus. I think that mocking Jesus is wrong. But to make the way that many have portrayed Jesus in the past 2000 years is fair game. Mocking the hypocritical way that Christians think is fair game. The reason why people are offended with humor is that iften times it hits home and angers us with our flaws.

I think these Jesus videos are hilarious. What does everyone else think?


Blogger terra dawn said...

I love these videos! I've seen them before, and I thought they were hilarious. "You know what you did, but I can't repeat it because I'm Jesus."

1:19 PM  
Blogger Nelson said...

The first one was my favorite by a long shot!

"Let's see and you... I forgot your name so your off the hook for now."

I also like the one about the temple sermon: lots of poignant satirical points there.

2:21 PM  

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