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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My New Nemesis

Damn you Zarras, once again you are my foil!!!!

Okay, just in case you don't know, I am a pretty peaceful man. Usually when I threaten to punch someone in the throat, I am only kidding. Except for Beret Boy, the waiter that doesn't wait on anyone, at Brewski's. Seriously, how hard is it to remember to bring me a Sam Adams? But now, I have a new foil. Yeah, that's right, I said foil. I am bringing that word back. My new villian is none other than Ted Zarras from 40/29.

Now anyone that knows me well, knows that I get freaked out by local television news people, but Ted makes me actually yell at the television. Just ask Stu. I think he purposely turn Zarras on just to laugh at me while I scream about Zarras laughing at his own dumb jokes. Usually there is swearing.

His weather forecasts are way too detailed. I don't need to know dewpoints, what the tempertaures are at Greenwood High School, or that the current temperature of the upper level atmosphere is minus 20 degrees. Here is all the information I need to know. Is it going to rain? Is it warm or cold outside?

That's it, that's the list.

Maybe a doppler forecast.

I don't need a thesaurus of meterological terms.

It is like watching a weather forecast from the gap-toothed guy from Best Week Ever.

Except with more graphics of downtown Ft. Smith and less funny.


Blogger Nelson said...

AMEN! I vomit in my mouth a little bit every time he's on the air.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Shelli said...

First of work, my boss claims that the 40/29 crew are the ugliest people on television. comment...but I think he might be right.

B...does anyone else think that the weather guy and gap tooth guy look alike? Or is it just me?

4. Everyone knows that KNWA is WAY better...even if they DID loose Dana Sargent to Fox.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Lafe said...

1. I don't vomit a little bit, I vomit a lot when he is giving me the weather forecast.

2. And my morning isn't as bright now that I don't wake up to Dana every morning...

6:33 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

All that said, he is an improvement from the 2 guys they had before (not Charles Salser) but that black(ish) guy and the other one who was big and dopey. Nate turned his head everytime he came on the screen. I wish I could remember his name...

12:04 PM  

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