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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Everyone Needs A Break

So you are probably messing around at work, reading blogs to pass the time. It is the week between Christmas and New Year's Day and you feel uninspired. So, might I suggest, stop reading my pointless drivel about the my strange fascination with the movie Roadhouse, and enjoy something a bit beautiful for a few minutes.

In Normam Maclean's masterpiece A River Runs Through It, he writes that his father was one of the few men he had ever met that reguarly used the word, "beautiful." But in a fallen world that lacks beauty and aesthetics, we need to stop every now and again and enjoy those moments when the world becomes amazing and magical. So, right now, sit back and enjoy some beauty.

Pray if you want to. Simply close your eyes if you want to. Just breath in and out if you want to. But try and take five minutes to realize a bit of beauty...


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