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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hoop Dreams


I didn't get a chance to play any ball for Christmas. Usually, a bunch of my old buddies and I reconvene and realize how much slower and older we have become. We usually play 3 games of full court 5 on 5. Sometimes we try to go for a fourth game, but we just don't have enough gas in the tank.

I miss playing basketball. I am not good at basketball, but I have always enjoyed playing it. I am a streaky shooter at best. My bread and butter shot has always been a bank shot from the wings. But even then, there is usually more bread than butter. My contributions have always come with using my intellect on the court. I can cut-off a passing lane. I can throw a hell of a pick. I am also a lot faster than people think I am. I am not a good jumper and I am a klutz when dribbling.

But whatever I lack in skills, I always try to make up for in fun. I love getting out there and making people laugh on the court. I love calling fake plays and making absurd and usually inappropriate names for my fake plays.

When I grew up, I idolized Rex Chapman. I always wanted to be him. But I never did grow up to have 1% of his talent. But, to this day, I still pick the number three if I have to pick any sort of number. I grew up shooting shot after shot in the old goal in the picture. Now, the backboard and goal are in the backyard of a church that was a stones throw from the house I grew up in. The paint has decay a lot and it looks as though it will fall in pieces at any time. A few months back, I was home and went by my old basketball goal. If I would have had a ball, I would have taken a few shots. But I didn't, so I just had to remember all those shots, all those years ago, and the dreams of a talentless kid dreaming he was the most talented basketball player to ever come out of Owensboro, Ky.


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