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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Not A Creature Was Stirring

Mom called me earlier this month and said she was in a stir. She hadn't been able to find our stockings. I told her that surely she would find it. Well, she did. And inside the pocket of mine was a couple of letters from Santa...

December 24, 1987

Dear Josh and Britt,

The years are passing so fast and you are growing up to be a fine young lady and gentleman. I really am glad that you let me decide what to bring you because it is more fun for me! I hope you have a Merry Merry Christmas. Enjoy your presents but enjoy having all of your family with you too. Remember what Christmas is and Christmas will always be a very special day even when I quit makeing my yearly visits--when you are all grown up. Have fun looking for your presents. Red ribbon is for Britt....7 gifts. Green ribbon is for Josh....6 gifts.

P.S. Go wake up everyone with a kiss but not before 6:30.


I think this was from the year that I got my favorite toy, a ball bearing rollercoaster that my dad and I spent the entire next day building.

I also found this undated and slightly damaged note from Santa.

Dear Josh and Britt,

I hope you enjoy the things I picked out for you. You'll have to lok for the presents. Brittany's presents are in Strawberry Shortcake paper. Josh's are in Snoopy look hard. Have fun--gotta go many m...................

Life needs a little bit more magic like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we spent the next day putting it together because we had a snow storm.i still remember that also being a special are right christmas should always have magic no matter how old we get.i really like my pressent this year.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Josh and Britt?

I got the grill reserved for the men's retreat. You gonna help me 'Q it up?

Does this make us a team?

8:28 AM  

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