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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fresh Goes Better

Ok, here goes so far...

So the line for security at XNA was simply put, ridiculous. After about a 20 minute wait, I finally made it through. I was putting my belt back on, heading towards the bathroom when I heard "Joshua Benson, this is a final boarding call for Mr. Joshua Benson." So I dead sprint downstairs. When I get there, the guy looks at me and says, "Well, you didn't have to run down here." I looked at him and said, "Well, I figured final boarding call was pretty serious, so I did some pretty serious running...."

On the plane ride to Cincy, I saw next to a Dutchman. We struck up a conversation after the flight attendant asked him if he wanted a cup of ice with his beer. He said of course not. She told him that the beer was warm. He said to just forget the beer. Anyway, so I asked him what he did, I figured he worked for P&G. He said in a Dutch accent, "No, no, I am the international marketing director for Mentos." Wow, I thought, this guy works for "The Freshmaker."

We discussed a lot about the Diet Coke and Mentos stuff. He said it is the best marketing they have. He said they are trying not to promote it too much because they want it to remain as cool as long as it can. We discussed the fact that Mentos has had two tremendous and unintentional pop culture impacts. He told me that when the Mentos commercials first came out, they were serious commercials. They weren't supposed to be taken as campy. Then he said something I am sure I will never hear another person utter, "The Foo Fighters came along and we figured, why not. The sales went up, up, up..."

I ate the best popcorn ever at Queen City Popcorn at the Cincy airport...

Almost finished with The Fair Tax Book. Am I slowly turning from an Old Southern Democrat to a Reaganite???

I think the flight attendant on my last flight was sloshed out of his mind, or at least very chatty...

Monday, August 28, 2006

This Major Tom To Ground Control, I'm Feeling Very Scared

So I prayed the selfish prayer yesterday morning. I am not very proud of it, but I did.

"God, please God, don't let it be anyone I know. Please Lord, please."

And thankfully, for me at least, there wasn't. But I began to think about it more and more over the day. The stories, these incredibly sad and heart-breaking stories, slowly crept out of Lexington. I counted each story without a recognizable name as a blessing. But I felt for the families. I knew my prayers were unfair. I don't know what kind of pain they must be going through. How can you reconcile that someone you loved died in a horrible way because of a horrible mistake. A mistake that should have been caught. But wasn't.

So now all I can do is pray for families. It doesn't make me anymore ashamed of my selfish prayers, but it must do some good.

I have also been thinking about the fact that I will be flying on Tuesday. I am a pretty good flier. I don't get too nervous. But there is something unnerving about flying a few days after an accident like this. It will be fresh on everyone's mind. So I will just read my book. And pray for my flight.

That's all I can do...