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Monday, January 15, 2007

I Was Born In East L.A.

No, not really. But every time I go to a certain customer's location, I always think of this movie. The basic premise is that Cheech goes to run an errand at this warehouse and the INS raids the place. He can't convince the INS that he is an American citizen so he is deported with everyone else. I always fear this whenever I go to this certain location because I am one of the only people there that speak English.

The other thing that is weird is that every time I go there, I have a certain lady admirer. Now, this comes as no doubt to anyone I am sure. I exude hotness. Really, it is a curse more than it is a blessing. I can't help, really, I can't.

Anyway, this little Latino girl always comes over and talks to me. She always brings a translator though.

One time she came over and began to speak to me. I did pick up what she said when she said my "ojos bonita." Her translator said, "She says you have pretty eyes." I smiled and said I know. What I meant was that I understood what she said, but I don't think the translator translated that way. The translator and the little girl both blushed. They both said something really quickly and then ran away.

It always makes me feel uncomfortable have this girl fawning over me while packaging hot wings. I always try to be nice to people and chat with everyone, it is just part of my job. But I don't think there is anything in my job description about flirting with someone through a translator.

Today, she was at it again. Giggling and pointing. This time she just wanted to know my name. I told her, Lafe. This puzzled her, as it puzzles most Latino people when I try to explain my name. So I continued and said my name is Josua. She giggled and ran back off to package chicken. So weird.


Blogger RockinMominAr said...

Geez - I need a little bit of your "hotness"!!! Can you share please?!?!?!?! ;-) Flirting through a translator. Now that's a new one..............

2:48 PM  

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