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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lazer Tag!!!

Man, I hope some people (Nelson???) remember these... I found this site call It is a good way to waste time...

I never knew anyone that actually owned Lazer Tag. But everyone I knew wanted these...I just found a huge set on EBAY and it is literally taking every bone in my body not to bid on this and have a Lazer Tag party. For only about a hundred dollars, this could be me...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you owned this, it would easily put you atop the "Coolest Person Ever" list. And I'd be at every LT event you had.

Just make sure the police know we're using fake guns, so they don't shoot and kill us.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Jaime said...

i love lazer tag. tulsa had (and maybe still has) a 3-story lazer tag place. hey & doesn't locomotion still have their spot? let's revive the fun.

10:43 AM  

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