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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Roscoes...

Sometimes, it is good to look back. So I have been re-reading a bunch of my old posts, and I have picked a few of my favorites. So without any more hesitation...

Best Story With The Best Title: Hot Black And Full Of Booze

Best Fictional Post That Not Many Understood How To Take: Cool Hand Lafe

Best Story With Nudity: Searching For Joe Schwoeppe

Only Story That I Get A Little Misty When Reading: A Good Reason To Still Believe In Love

My Favorite Post Written On A Mexican Computer: Mi Mexico

Favorite Post About Public Urination: Enjoying Nature's Splendor

Best Event That Inspired A Post: What Happens In The Backseat

Post I Wanted Comments About But Never Got: God Hates (Fill In The Blank)

My Favorite Dad Story: The Greatest Story My Dad Ever Told

Best Index: Cellphone Killed The Symphony Star

Well, I hope everyone has enjoyed this trip down memory lane, I know I did. I hope you enjoy my blog. I try to make it funny but poignant. Sometimes I hit. Sometimes I miss. And sometimes I make a jackass out of myself...


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