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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Enchanment Under The Sea

I am pretty sure that everyone believes two things about their proms: that it had a sea theme and that it sucked. At least that is the way that I like to remember it.

I remember my prom a little bit. I remember taking a girl named Leah, who went to another school but ran around my group of friends. The date can only be described as "monumentally and massively awkward." No joke, I asked her to dance and she said, "Uh, well, okay, but I don't really like to dance." My reply was simple and poetic.

"Really, well, that is pretty ironic that I brought you to a dance."

So, the boys from My Morning Jacket are doing something about all those bad prom memories, and having a two night show/prom in Athens. I wish I could be there...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the EXACT thing I told Justin when he asked ME to dance at our prom. No joke... -Shelli

2:21 PM  

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