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Monday, February 19, 2007

I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

So my existential journey is over. This morning, the really nice people at Arvest let me in the lobby 20 minutes before it opened and returned my driver's license. I am again, who I say I am. Which begs the question, who do I say I am?

Funny thing is that this Christmas, I got to see a different side of me from someone else.

My best friend, John, is a songwriter and told me that he had something on his Ipod that he wanted me to listen to. He said, "I wrote this song about you, and something you said to me one time."

I am never alone
Across this land I roam
You're fading to the darkside of me

I don't know where this time will take us
I don't know when we'll start

It was an interesting song called Settle Me, and I was very appreciative that he let me listen to it. I guess it was a culmination of all the talks we have had, all the times that I have sat down with him let him listen to the misadventures of single life since he has gone off and gotten married. It was a really good song because it was both wryly cynical and somehow hopeful. Which I hope is one of the ways I identify myself. Which I will demonstrate right here...

Got my ID back, woohoo, margaritas!!!


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