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Monday, February 19, 2007

Locked Up

The phone rings "Unavailable"
His glasses are still crooked on his nose
so he adjusts them as he says he will accept the charges
from the county detention center

"I'm in a bad way, you gotta help me out."

He hangs up the phone without an answer, but the
answer is know between both men
what is understood doesn't need to be discussed

He knows the routine
He knows the drill

Lights always blinds this early in the morning
and the cold forces him to zip his fleece up to his mouth
but still his breath shows
the heat, the fire out his lungs
His car door creaks from cold
and the engine starts, but not happily

Driving past other headlights
his eyes will not blink but burn
He wonders what the excuse will be this time
What will be said and not believed

When he gets there, he says nothing
He walks down through the halls littered
with cops and bad coffee

Here, again? the man at the desk says

How much this time? is all he replies

Two hundred and fifty.

He writes a check to the cop
They usually don't accept checks, but they know his
won't bounce
They never have before

When he comes out, the man looks up at
his friend in jail
drunk on rage and indignation
and from the smell of it cheap tequila

Thanks, man, you don't know how much I appreciate this.
He sighs through his pullover and zipper
and turn on a dime
walks back out to his car with a small puppy following behind
his head still somewhere buried

The questions swill around the car
like though bubbles ready to pop
but neither of them want to take out any pins
so they just ride in silence until the
streets become more lighted
and the address seem more familiar

Again, you don't know how much I appreciate this

Get out! are the only words that are said
knowing that the feeling of appreciation is not mutual


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