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Monday, February 12, 2007

A Stream Running Dry

A Stream Running Dry

I don’t really care for stream of thought writing. I think it is hard to read and somewhat convoluted. Saying all that, I think I understand why people write that way. When you don’t have anyone to talk with all day long, like I did today, a person’s head can be a strange and lonely place. So, I had all these ideas that had no place to go. So they all seemed to go here…

Wow, it is raining hard. I am usually sleepy when it rains. Why am I not sleepy today? Did I get more than enough sleep last night, not really? Wow, the rain is so loud. Phone rings. A ship’s foghorn blows really loud in my ear. This is your captain speaking get ready for…I hang up the phone before my captain, O Captain My Captain, can finish his recorded sales pitch. Sail’s pitch, hehehe…When was the last time I read Walt Whitman? It’s been a while. Is my copy on my shelf? I think it is, but I am still reading Gettysburg Gospel. Maybe I should read that during lunch. Where am I going to for lunch? Nothing sounds good. Why is it that nothing ever sounds good? Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just not eat, some sort of pill that isn’t meth or speed? Oh great, my MP3 player just shuffled to Grant Lee Phillips, sweet. Cool, The Police are going to play Fenway. I wonder where they will set-up the stage? Right by the Green Monster would be sweet. I bet they will set-up at about second base. Pitchers and catchers report this week. I hope the Sox have a good bullpen without Papelbon. That was weird how everyone laughed during Kent’s sermon last night at the most inappropriate times. Weird. It’s always weird when anyone preaches about love. Why is it so hard to talk about love at church? Shouldn’t that be easier? When Is Adam and Flav getting back from Florida? Florida, I bet it is nice there right now. Not cold and raining. I hope it doesn’t rain during the 500 again this year. I think Tony has a real good shot at winning this year. I wonder if NASCAR guys wear adult diapers like the astronauts do? That’s weird. How to you learn to shit yourself after 30 years or so of learning not to shit yourself. Maybe I should buy some Depends tonight and try it. That’s a bad idea. Where would I try it out? I know I would have a proper seal somewhere and I would be cleaning feces off my carpet for weeks. Why am I getting this error message? Oh, okay, that’s why. Heater just kicked on, it’s not that cold is it? When did I take my fleecy off? I don’t think it is going to snow this week. I hope not. Where am I going to go for lunch? I am going to eat chicken tonight, so not chicken. That’s going to be good tonight. I hope that show recorded for Justin. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be…Phone ringing, now, I am sorry, she’s not in today, her son has the flu. Yeah, I hear it is going around too. Been lucky so far. Let me check the schedule, uh, yeah I will have to get back with you on that. I am tired of hearing about Anna Nicole rolling snake eyes. Am I mean to think that? Don’t celebrities die in three’s? I don’t know if I believe that. I bet a celebrity funeral is weird. Where will my funeral be? I don’t know, I just hope they play Clair De Lune. That would sum me up well, maybe Louis Armstrong. That’s weird that I am thinking about that. I am glad Drew Brees didn’t get hurt as bad as he look. Wonder if Dad sent me those pictures yet? Wow, the rain stopped.

What can I say; my head isn’t the place most people would want to wander.


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