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Monday, March 26, 2007

Finding Redemption Where You Least Expect It

Jen and I went to see Black Snake Moan on Friday night, and we really enjoyed it. It is a very interesting concept, a black man chains a white nymphomaniac up in his house is Western Tennessee. But the thing that makes the movie so interesting is that the message and theme of the film is that of how anyone can be redeemed.

The problem is it is a movie with Christian theme that most Christians would walk out of within 15 minutes. Much of the first part of the movie Christina Ricci is either naked or very close to it.

But as the movie goes along, you see Laz, Samuel L. Jackson, as a man that has hit his rock bottom, his wife left him for his brother, and the only way he can ascend out of his misery is by helping someone else. He cares about the woman that everyone else in town views as trash. He finds worth where others see none. He keeps on telling her that he is going to cure her, but the truth is, he doesn't cure her. He just cares for her. He becomes a father to her.

The entire movie you keep on thinking that all these flawed people are simply doomed. But in the end, things didn't turn out as bad as you thought it would be. These people aren't only the sums of their mistakes. Somehow, these people can find redemption in an old blues singer and a tawdry girl in short shorts. Sometimes, you find redemption in the least likely places.


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