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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Big In Spain

Now, my little blog, TUBORPC, is a small little blog. I mostly write about my adventures and misadventures in my normal life here in Hyphen-ville, Arkansas. You know, no big deal. I try to be poignant sometimes, other times I go for cheap laughs. Nothing to exciting. I might get 20 or so visitors. But yesterday I looked at my stat tracker and found that I had over 70 visitors to my blog. And where did they all come from? Spain and Bolivia. I did a little bit more checking and found out that the Youtube clip of Bono was linked on a U2 fan page in Spain.



Blogger John Nelson said...

Congrats on your international fame! We all knew it was only a short time before you became wildly popular in Europe.

As far as stats go: I read your blog mainly through RSS, so sorry I'm not logging very many hits on your stats. I'll try to make the extra effort to actually page load for you in the future.

8:26 PM  

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