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Friday, March 16, 2007

A Little Humor In Rush Hour Traffic

The concert last night was really great. But maybe one of the most memorable things about last night happened when we were driving.

Rockstar, Shelli and I were getting off at the Sheridan exit in Tulsa. There was an old school Ford pick-up truck with a huge toolbox in front of us. We could see this guy (with a spectacular mullet) in the pick-up drive up really close to a moving truck. I was thinking, oh yeah, we are about to see a fight. The guy started to yell at the other guy in the moving truck, but then gave the guy the old "rock n' roll" sign.

This guy (with a spectacular mullet) is yelling at this guy in this moving van. Then, from the back of the pick-up bed, a blanket pops up and this girl pops up to see what is going on. She is somewhat disheveled and she began to wipe her eyes. Then this boy pops up from underneath the blanket to see what all the commotion is about. They say a few things and then lay back down underneath the blanket.

It was like watching the movie Joe Dirt unfold right in front of us.


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