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Friday, March 16, 2007

Once He Finds Us

I found this jewel of a song on a few weeks ago. I have been humming this song ever since. I know I have said it before, and I will say it a thousand more times, go buy a Todd Snider album. His songs represent the duality of the human soul, part rebellious and part meek. I don't know why Folk singers write the best gospel songs, but they do.

I used to have this album, and honestly forgot about it, guess it is time I ought to pick it back up.

Once He Finds Us
From Viva Satellite

I don’t know how I found Jesus
I don’t care now he’s in my heart
And once he finds us
He never leaves us
No matter how far we fall apart

I used to wonder what I was missing
I used to think that I was missing things
Now the words of calmer voices
Sound like angels bowing strings

He was there when nobody else was
He was there when the work was thin
He was there when my father left us
I am here now to work for him


Blogger Adam said...

I'll tell you why folk singers are the best gospel writers....

They are more concerned with being human and writing about human things and feelings than "Christian" artists are. "Christian" artists are too worried with saying and doing and writing the correct thing instead of feeling what is right.

Isn't it easier to act like a human and be a Christian than to act like a Christian and be a human?

12:05 PM  

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