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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lawyers, Guns, And Money: Part Two

So I am still having a problem wrapping my thoughts and my head around all the past events of the past week or so. There seems like so much to say, but it seems as though everything has already been expressed or said. But there was one thing that was said to me today, that made me think a lot. Something I haven't heard yet.

I was talking with Jen at lunch and she said, "We ought to pray for the killer's family. I bet not a lot of people are praying for them."



Blogger Adam said...

Jen, that was a great point... I though about that the other day too and then they actually talked about it on the Kornheiser show.

You know what? This is what our generation gets for the way we act on a daily basis. All we ever do is categorize and rate and rank people in our heads. If they don't conform to our selfish inner standards, we don't let them into our own little shallow world of "friends".

My neighborhood is about 50% young professionals and 50% older couples. Do you know how many young people I know in my neighborhood (of 300)? One! And guess what, I know ALL of the older people on my street! We hang out and do things. Go to dinner and play games.

Why are we so socially disconnected from each other? Why does this happen to our generation? Is it the Internet? Is it MTV and reality shows? Are we really just that detached and inconsiderate?

Could we have stopped the shooter if we had given him a hug instead of ignoring him? Who knows? Probably not, but the point is that I bet NOBODY even tried. Sure some professor offered to "help" him in one-on-one classes and take him to counseling, but what is that really?

"I'll play the saint so my colleges don't have to deal with him". "I'll send him to counseling so I don't have to deal with him". Everybody's always passing the buck and looking at if from THEIR prospective. Look at all the classmates and teachers hanging him out to dry because of his disturbing poetry. Did they even know his NAME before this week?


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