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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why Do I Still Go Into Convenient Stores?

Marble, Arkansas

So I stopped into Phillips 66 to wash my grubby hands and get something to drink. When I went into the men's bathroom, I began to wash my hands while an older gentleman stood next to me. Okay, little weird. He asked me if my day was over, and I said yes. I look over at him and his is shorter than me. Plain white t-shirt and sweatpants with suspenders that would make Larry King jealous and it didn't look like he had any teeth. He laughs and then proceeds to turn every knob on the condom machines to see if he could get a free condom. I began to dry my hands and he patted my shoulder.

Bu-bye...I hauled ass out of there.

Seriously, all I wanted to was wash my hands and buy an ice cold Sunkist, because they are delicious, and this is what I get...

I swear, if the guy would have said anything about my muscly arms I would have decked him...


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