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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Will Sing One Song

So, on Saturday, I went to the Kentucky/Arkansas game with my friend Josh Lambert from back in Owensboro. I wore a Kentucky hat even though I am not that big of a Kentucky fan anymore. Well somewhere in between eating the best ice cream I have ever eaten (First Security Bank Tailgate, Holla!) and Josh yelling loudly, "Hey Whitey!" (Well that is a whole other story entirely) Kentucky beat Arkansas. It was interesting. Both teams acted like they didn't want to win the game for a while. Well, after the win, the fans were all celebrating with the players. Josh and I wanted to get our pictures with Marcus McClinton, who flexed his muscles like Darren McFadden. But we didn't. But we did sing "My Old Kentucky Home" with the rest of the Kentucky fans. And I am not afraid to say this, but I got a bit misty. It was nice. It is amazing how that song is ingrained in my head. I still know all the words. Even the really racist one that they taught us in school only 20 years ago.


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