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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Best Closer in the Game

Well, the Red Sox are back in the World Series. A lot of the reason why the Red Sox are back in the World Series is because of Jonathan Papelbon, the best closer in the game.

Paps might be my favorite player on the Red Sox, besides Youkilis, who I usually lovingly refer to as "Fatboy." For example, "Run Fatboy, run." "Slide Fatboy, slide!"

But Paps is crazy. You know that guy in college that you knew that was always intense and slightly bat shit crazy, then you would see him at a bar and a party. You would think, oh no, this isn't gonna be good. You braced yourself for him to rip his shirt off like Hulk Hogan and then punch someone in the throat like Patrick Swayze did on Roadhouse. But after a few beers, and by few beers I mean a lot of beers, he came over and started to dance. Then he would offer you a few of his beers, and then he would give you a great big hug. And for the rest of the night, whenever you were in his general proximity, he gave you a great big bear hug. And of course, the next day he would go back to being just as intense. Well, that guy, that jackass you knew in college, well, he evidently is making millions of dollars now and is the best closer in the league.

Paps celebrating the AL pennant, at least he kept his pants on this time.

He didn't in this clip.


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