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Monday, October 15, 2007

My Birthday Tradition

Every year, on my birthday, I sip a really good glass of bourbon, I go for a walk and reflect on the past year and the upcoming year. When I get done with my walk, I go write a poem.

Well this year was no different.

#30 (Early to Rise)

Exact same place
only so many miles away
from the last 365

My life
has changed so much that
I can only dream and wonder
the where’s and what’s of the
next year

It did bother me
though I’ve told many it
but it bothered me for
5 minutes

Early this morning
my feet had yet to
touch the carpet

It was 5:32 a.m.
and I thought
It’s still

to worry about all those
bullets and numbers
fired towards my head
knowing me,
I’ll catch them with my teeth
just to keep things interesting

And I’ll roll
those brown eyes
like dice,
bet the come
wait, hope
for what is next
What is next?


Anonymous Shannon Bradley King said...

Happy Birthday, Lafe! I love your blog. I'm glad you're happy. This is Shannon from O'boro. I just turned 32 this month. It's amazing how time flies. Take care!!

11:57 PM  

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