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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Hamrick Wedding: An Index

Man, I haven't done and index in so long. I almost forgot how to do it. For a while there, everyone stole my index idea, which I stole from Harper's magazine. So here goes.

Minutes we arrived late for the wedding: 8.

Excuse for being late given by Stuart Sullivan: It will be okay, weddings always start late.

My response to Stu's theory on weddings always start late: Stu, have you met Dave and Sarah?

Type of parking spot I parked in because we were running late: Handicapped.

Number of handicapped spots located at Prairie Grove Baptist Church: 25 plus, at least. Seriously, I don't think you could have more handicapped parking spots in one place unless it was at a wheelchair store.

Number of Lord Of The Rings analogies during the ceremony: Not sure, but they all confused me.

Number of times Shelli Jones was given props during the wedding: Twice.

Number of times Jen squeezed my hand tightly during the ceremony: A lot, too many to count.

Item handed to me by Justin Jones immediately after the ceremony: Flask.

Person at the wedding who could not recognize me without a hat: Amelia Harkey.

Arrival time at the reception of Jen and me: 1 minute before the bride and groom.

Cake that I ate: The groom's cake, which was slightly nerdy (LOTR themed) and delicious.

People at the reception who kept saying hello to me even thought I couldn't remember their names: 3

Contents of said flask: Marker's Mark.

People who I had to talk to outside: Luke, Justin, and Brett.

Most common thing said after meetings outside: Wow, that Maker's goes well with the punch.

Document that was being signed when I brought some "special" punch to the bride and groom: Marriage license.

Reaction to the "special" punch by Groom: Big smile.

Reaction to the "special" punch from Bride: Sip, smile, very big hug, and downing of said drink that would have mad Ted Kennedy proud.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is probably a reason that my husband chose NOT to tell me about the flask.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh...and that comment was from me. - Shelli

5:54 PM  
Blogger jlo said...

Your indexes always make me laugh..

9:16 PM  

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