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Friday, April 06, 2007

Woke Up This Morning

So the last 9 new episodes of The Sopranos starts on Sunday night. I am really excited to see exactly how it all ends. Most people have come to the conclusion that Tony will die sometime this season. I think that is a good theory, but The Sopranos has always amazed and surprised it's viewers.

I am not sure what I think will happen. But it seems to me that there must be a change of power in the family (crime family that is). Christopher seems the logical choice simply because he is a miniature version of Tony. He is full of addictions and darkness, just like Tony. He has sacrificed more than any other member of the family. Paulie will more than likely die from his prostate cancer, and Silvio doesn't seem to be in the best health either. Anthony is too big of a screw up to take over. So that leaves Christopher. The other possibility could be that the New York family takes over New Jersey.

But the lonely life of Tony Soprano seems destined to end.

I Must Be 5 Years Old Again

Because my mom just whooped my ass!

So my mom's bracket was phenomenal. She came in 9th place out of 41 people. I, on the other hand, came in 31st. She had almost the entire Final Four figured out. I, on the other hand, had only 2 teams right. Damn you Oregon Ducks and your bright yellow uniforms that blinded my judgment.

My mom is a bracketologist. All hail the queen.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Jen and Me at Chili's

jen and me