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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lawyers, Guns, And Money: Part Two

So I am still having a problem wrapping my thoughts and my head around all the past events of the past week or so. There seems like so much to say, but it seems as though everything has already been expressed or said. But there was one thing that was said to me today, that made me think a lot. Something I haven't heard yet.

I was talking with Jen at lunch and she said, "We ought to pray for the killer's family. I bet not a lot of people are praying for them."


Don't Mess With Pearl

Seriously, if I would have done this same thing with Reed, people would call me a jerk. Will Ferrell does this, and he is a genius...Sorry, the video is kinda grainy. Here is a link to a better quality video...

Speaking of Reed...


I have mentioned how much I like this new add-on with Firefox called Stumble. Well, this was what I stumbled on today. Kind of interesting. I know that there are a few photo buffs that read my blog, so I figured this might spur some discussion. Check out a better image at the website.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Patriot's Day

So Patriot's Day is kind of weird. In New England, there are two holidays that everyone celebrates that the rest of the country doesn't. One is Patriot's Day, which was yesterday. The other is VJ Day. Why people in Rhode Island get a day off to celebrate our victory over the Japanese in World War 2 is beyond me. The first time someone actually told me about VJ day being a holiday, I laughed at them.

Anyway, this video goes down as the best thing to happen at Fenway in a while. Or at least since that time I was offered a beer by a guy that looked like Merv Griffin on my first visit to Fenway Park, when I was 11 years old...

I love the announcers of NESN. Damn I wish I had NESN!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lawyers, Guns, and Money: Part One

I have been wanting to write about the current climate of our country (and I don't mean the freezing my ass off cold), but for some I just can't get out the words the right way. But I recently read this Jason Whitlock column that has given me pause for thoughts. See what you think...

Imus Isn't The Real Bad Guy

Imus "Fight" Over Money, Fame