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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Super Mario Brothers Meets Raging Bull

I found this video and found it both oddly funny and slightly disturbing.

Suddenly Feeling Old

So, I am at Arsaga's at this present moment. And for some reason, I have managed to come here on High School night. Anyway, so there are these punk kids (how come I think all teenagers are now punks?) are listening to their ipods way too loud and are singing the words to Ice Ice Baby. And the thing that has just struck me is that they know all the words because of their teenage irony act. But the sad thing is that I know all the words to Ice Ice Baby because I remember when that song was wicked bad...

To quote Danny Glover, "I'm getting too old for this shit..."

Or Elton John, "The circle of life..."

New Postal Service Song

I just downloaded the new Postal Service cover of John Lennon's Grow Old With Me. Amazing, seriously, amazing. Hopefully this song will replace Journey's Don't Stop Believing, which has been stuck in my head since the ending of Sopranos.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Quote

I have been writing something, but I haven't got it right just yet to post. But this is the quote that keeps hitting me in the head like an aluminum bat...

The human heart is the throne of God, the council-chamber of the devil, the dwelling of angels, the vile heath of witches' Sabbaths, the nursery of sweet children, the blood-spattered scene of nameless tragedies.

Frank Crane

Another Weird Moment

My dad called me tonight and asked me a strange questions.

Sidenote: The most awkward question to date my father has asked me was one time when we were walking through the International Bar-B-Que Festival and saw a sign advertising all the bands that were going to play. One band was Tapdatass. My dad asked me what that band was called. I had to pronounce the name phonetically a few times. Then he asked me, what does that mean son? I looked at him funny for a second. Then he said, Ohhhhhhh, okay.

After he asked me if I was going to be able to make it out to Bonneville this year, he asked me a question I never thought he would ask.

"Do you know what Burning Man is?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Because it is going to be around the same time as Bonneville and we might go."

Okay, here is the point of my blog where I point out that none of my friends will ever have their fathers say that they might be going to Burning Man.

"It's pretty wild, I hear. People do a lot of drugs and get pretty crazy."

"Yeah," he said, "They said if you are offended by nudity it is best not to go."