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Monday, August 27, 2007

Stu's Birthday Is Today

Happy Birthday Stu... Imagine that, I took a picture while Stu was usuing the phone, that is oh so rare...

Sunday, August 26, 2007


So, as everyone knows, my Dad and I went to Bonneville last year. When we were going through the tech inspection, a guy from National Geographic Channel was filming us. He complimented Dad on his bike. We asked him when the show was going to air and he said some time in the winter. Well, winter came and went, no TV show. Well, it (Need For Speed: Bikes) aired last week. Stu watched it because he was sick that day. When I got home, he said, I looked for y'all but I didn't see you. So, I watched it and I stopped it. Stu, I said, there's my dad right there, and there is me. He said, sorry man, I've had too much Nyquil. So Dad recorded it too. I called him and told him that I saw us on TV at about the 40 minute mark. Well, his DVR crapped out at the 38 minute mark. So here are a few pictures with my camera for him to look at.

I told him that I am really glad I didn't see this until last week because I would have had to go to the salt flats again...

By the way, Dad is walking the bike out, his buddy Andy is on the bike next up in tech inspection and I am in the green shirt. Also, thank you Justin Jones for use of the cowboy hat...