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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

For Justin "Rockstar" Jones

Since Justin thanked me for teaching him about Stumble, I thought I would give him some props. He worked one day with me a few months back. We were driving to Mountain Home and Justin told me all about hos adventures being a cameraman for Jimmy Houston. So when I was finding the Cheap Seats video, I found this one and I thought that the Rockstar would like it...

View From The Cheap Seats

There is one thing that has been permanently saved on my DVR. And most anyone that has ever been over to my apartment has seen it. It is an episode of Cheap Seats. And on Sunday, there was a Cheap Seats marathon, so I should have my fill of Cheap Seats for a while. ESPN Classic let go the Sklar brothersw, but luckily the guys are now on Entourage.

I'm all about the handblower...

Rece Davis, Rece Davis, Rece Davis...