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Friday, November 09, 2007

While Perusing The Magazine Aisle

So just in case you happen to be in Wal-Mart, check out a magazine called Hot Bike Baggers, sorry there isn't a good link. In it, you will find a picture of the fastest Bagger at the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trails this past year. Unfortunately, there is only a picture of the bike and the caption seems to doubt whether Dad's bike went 123 mph. The magazine actually credited Dad's riding buddy, Nick Roberts from Nick's Performance & Accessories, as the fastest Bagger at the entire meet. And the write up on Nick had three really good pictures and discusses the aerodynamics of fringe on leather jackets.

Oh yeah, and they will also be featured in a couple of other magazines, Cycle Source and American Rider, here in the next month.

Halloween, Always Fun

I saw this online and it really made me laugh. Sorry, it is early, and for some reason I am up. I thought this was funny.