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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baba Ghanoush

So the big guy is leaving on a jet plane, well, not to Mexico but to Michigan, but anyway. Tonight is the last night that Stu will be my roommate. And it is weird. We have lived together for almost a year and a half, and we have gone through a lot of stuff. Lots of good times, lots of dark times. But we have survived. And no worse for the wear.

When I moved in, we knew each other fairly well, but we weren't best friends. He was just a guy that needed a roommate during a tough time in his life. And through Sunday morning breakfasts and always fun trips to the grocery store, we became the best of friends. We are as different as two people could be. But we are the best of friends. I will miss him, a lot. But I have no doubts that our friendship will continue though I time as roommates is closing. But friendships are like the last episode of Saved By The Bell. You think everyone is going their separate ways. But in reality, everyone (at least the ones that you like) just reunites in a spin-off (except for Jessie who goes off to Columbia, but ends up as a stripper in Showgirls)
in which Screech and Bob Golic play Laurel and Hardy and dormitories are insanely big.

So good luck Stu. Screech and I will be waiting for you...

The Hamrick Wedding: An Index

Man, I haven't done and index in so long. I almost forgot how to do it. For a while there, everyone stole my index idea, which I stole from Harper's magazine. So here goes.

Minutes we arrived late for the wedding: 8.

Excuse for being late given by Stuart Sullivan: It will be okay, weddings always start late.

My response to Stu's theory on weddings always start late: Stu, have you met Dave and Sarah?

Type of parking spot I parked in because we were running late: Handicapped.

Number of handicapped spots located at Prairie Grove Baptist Church: 25 plus, at least. Seriously, I don't think you could have more handicapped parking spots in one place unless it was at a wheelchair store.

Number of Lord Of The Rings analogies during the ceremony: Not sure, but they all confused me.

Number of times Shelli Jones was given props during the wedding: Twice.

Number of times Jen squeezed my hand tightly during the ceremony: A lot, too many to count.

Item handed to me by Justin Jones immediately after the ceremony: Flask.

Person at the wedding who could not recognize me without a hat: Amelia Harkey.

Arrival time at the reception of Jen and me: 1 minute before the bride and groom.

Cake that I ate: The groom's cake, which was slightly nerdy (LOTR themed) and delicious.

People at the reception who kept saying hello to me even thought I couldn't remember their names: 3

Contents of said flask: Marker's Mark.

People who I had to talk to outside: Luke, Justin, and Brett.

Most common thing said after meetings outside: Wow, that Maker's goes well with the punch.

Document that was being signed when I brought some "special" punch to the bride and groom: Marriage license.

Reaction to the "special" punch by Groom: Big smile.

Reaction to the "special" punch from Bride: Sip, smile, very big hug, and downing of said drink that would have mad Ted Kennedy proud.