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Monday, February 25, 2008

Can't Sleep With Such Warm Feet

I am tired. I really am. But I can't fall asleep. Don't think it is because I am thinking about the upcoming vows that will take place in 19 days and 16 hours. I am just thinking about so much. My mind is just full and racing. With weird stuff. Of course the future. The future right now seems to be vastly expanding rather than becoming more narrow. So much stuff to think about. Names and places. Thinking a lot about the past too. Names and places as well. So much to comprehend. So, not in any order, here is what all is racing through my mind.

Albert Michelson, the first man that ever measured light.
186,285 miles per second, which was what he measured light at.
No Country for Old Men, which just won the Best Picture Oscar.
Playlists for the wedding.
Heartburn, which I seem to be currently having.
How long I will have to work tomorrow.
My expense account and if I can find all my receipts.
How much I hate receipts.
I need to watch the movie Once.
Tony Kornhesier Show podcast, which I got to sleep to every night on my Ipod.
How am I going to go to sleep when I get married without noise.
Did they really shoot down that satellite?
What happened to D.B. Cooper?
Compiling a team of the best basketball players I have ever seen play live.
I need to find more time to read.
I need to find more time to write.
I need to find time.
How the human brain processes moments as memories after 7 seconds.
So the present moment only last 7 seconds.
I can't wait until the wedding.
I need sleep.
How many times am I going to see U2 3D.
I love Jen.
We won't text message as much as we do now.
Acronyms for Brian's site.
What was going on in my life a year ago, whatever it was, it wasn't anything like this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

babe, i threw a lot of stuff away. you might need to check the trash. i'm sorry. was it stuff you kept at the apartment? let me know and i'll find them for you tomorrow. i love you too. and i can't wait for the wedding either.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Stu said...

Lafe, I miss you broseph. Keep well and know that I wish I was able to join you and Jen for your wedding. Get some sleep.

1:32 PM  

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