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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Site Meter

Ok, so I have a Site Meter on blog. I look at it every now and again just to see who has been reading my blog and why. I usually always get a good laugh out of it. I get hits from so many different place, usually Googling strange words. But today, I found one that made me fall out of my chair laughing. It seems someone from Metlife in NYC Googled "cockpit of a blimp is called a." And guess what the first website that Google listed. Thats right. Mine.

So now I am kind of wondering a few things...

1. Did the person from Metlife really think that the cockpit of a blimp is called a Newsted?
2. Am I about to be sued by Metlife, or worse, Metallica?
3. Will this some how get me a ride on a blimp?

What can I say y'all. My blog is just like Lost. Every time you get an answer, more questions pop up.


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