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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cue Music

So it was two weeks ago, Jen and I packed up all our things (thanks to a lot of friends) and headed off to the Bluegrass state. It was quite an adventure. Sedating cats is interesting to say the least, but maybe more on that later.

So just as we made it out of Arkansas, we stopped at Macadoodle's (which sells booze, cigs, lotto tickets, Fritos, gas, hamburgers, and I used to think they probably could sell you an illegal immigrant there but you can't. I checked. Just kidding. They were sold out.) I began to think of all my moments in the past 5 1/2 years in Arkansas. I thought about all my friends I made, the wife I met, and the adventures that I would have never gotten myself into and out of if I had not moved to Arkansas. And I picture them in a little video montage form. Kind of like the end of Seinfeld when they had the video montage to Time of Your Life (Good Riddance). So with that song in mind, I hit the road in Missouri laughing and smiling about:

My first date with Jen at Hugo's and being late for poker.

The very fun reception at the Fayetteville Town Center after we got married a year later.

Andrew Steger calling me up on a Friday night asking me what I was doing that night. Then after I would say nothing, I would ask him what he and Virginia were doing that night and he would answer, "coming over to your place cause you are grilling."

Holding Amelia Harkey until her mom came back to pick her up at the Greenhouse.

Going to church in a bar.

Having about 8 roommates.

The Great Pinata Fiasco of 08.

Meeting my Hetero Lifemate.

Throwing my Hetero Lifemate into the door (or sun tan lotion rack) at Neighborhood Market.

Knowing that no matter what I wanted to cook, set fire to, or blow up, Justin Jones and Nate McGooden always had my back.

Deep sea fishing in Mexico and having the boat surrounded by dolphins jumping all around the boat.

Meeting my friends the Eichenbergers, who were our friends that lived in Arkansas and now live in Kentucky just like us.

Sunday morning breakfasts.

Sunday morning trips to the movie theater.

The sound of Brian Hirshy's feet while traipsing over my living room floor and then opening the blinds like the Jaws of Life opening a crushed car.

The hole in the closet door, and all the pain associated with that hole.

Seeing the drunkest man ever with Andrew Steger, luckily it was neither one of us.

The Hot Pockets sayings which I could quote ad naseum but no one besides a select few would get them.

Parker Kelley's what's up shoulder motions.

Telling a woman at Brewski's that I was training to be a horse whisperer only to be caught by the actually manager of the Pauline Whittaker Equine Center. Seriously, what are the odds of that.

Living deliberately out in a cabin on the lake.

Watching Dave ride the bull.

Helping Matt do a lot of work to his house.

Walking into baseball games for free before it was fashionable.

Setting dumpsters on fire.

Honking at the Hodskins house nearly every day.

Being Santa's bodyguard.

And about a thousand other things I forgot. If you have been a reader of this blog you have probably heard a few of these stories. And if you haven't, oh well, maybe I might get nostalgic and tell and old story or too.

Most of all, it was making a lifetime of friends in a few short years.


Blogger RockStar Jones said...

well I was going to tell a quick story. But I dont think any of them are rated less than pg-13. HA HA

11:39 PM  
Blogger Stu said...

Thank you for not tranquilizing me.....that I'm aware of.

12:01 PM  

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