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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Engagement Photos

Here are a few of our favorite engagement photos. Spencer Presley did the photography. He did a tremendous job. I especially like the bottom one. It is supposed to sort of look like the album cover to Bob Dylan's Freewheelin'.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

PIWLTKITA Winner 1-17-08

Ok, so earlier this week I called a local restaurant where we wanted to have our rehearsal dinner. I won't name the name of the restaurant. But I will give you a hint or two. It is in Fayetteville. It is named after a type of pasta. So I called them and I asked them all about the menu, the room, and everything. I told them everything about how many people we were expecting, what we wanted to eat, what day, everything. So I called back today to book the room and finalize the menu. I told them my name.

They guy went to write everything down and he said, "Uh, we already have the room booked for that night. Hold on."

Silence on his end, fury seething on my end.

"Yeah it is a private event."

I asked, "When was event booked?"

He replied, "Uh, let's see, back in December." He read off the name of the other party. "That's not you is it."

Pause. Silence. Anger.


More silence. "Why didn't anyone tell me about this earlier this week, when I called with all my information about the dinner being on March the 14th?"

"I sure to apolo..."

"Thanks." Click.

So this weeks winner is the management team at a certain Fayetteville restaurant. The runner up is the management team from a certain Springdale restaurant that let me talk for 15 minutes before they told me that they don't take reservations on Friday nights and that I "should just call a little ahead and they can get me a table."