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Monday, May 11, 2009

Can You Feel The Love Tonight ? Part Three: Citizens On Patrol

I was checking one of my buddy's twitter photos yesterday when I came across this picture.

He is traveling around the East Coast with his band and saw this on a bathroom wall. So he took a picture.

I saw this and my mind began to race at all the possibilities. Maybe this is some sort of secret message that aliens are using to mark the men's restrooms that are being infected with tiny robot germs, which we now call swine flu. Luckily, I googled that possibility. Amazingly, there are 83 results. Which proves that you can google anything and find something.

So I googled, "Toy Sto...." before I could even finish typing, the predictive text came up with "Toy Story 2 Was Ok." After a little bit of reading and watching videos on the internet, I found out that this grafitti stems from a joke from Demetri Martin.

I laughed a little bit, and then I realized something.

The person in the Books-A-Million men's restroom couldn't even get the damn joke right. The guy wrote the wrong freaking movie!

And that says a lot about my hometown.


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