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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wayne Newton Vs. Johnny Cash: My First Experience with UFC

I promised my friend Jerry that I would blog about this, so here goes.

Last Saturday night I found myself somewhere I didn't think I would be, watching something I didn't think I would be watching, asking a question I never thought I would ask.

"Is that a tattoo of Wayne Newton on that guy's arm?" I kept saying while squinting at the television. Even in HD, it was tough to distinguish. Especially, since the arm that had the tattoo emblazoned on it was furiously trying to knock another man's brain into the side of his skull enough that the man could no longer get up in UFC 100.

The longer the fight went on, the more and more people kept asking the question.

"That's gotta be Wayne Newton." someone would say more as a question, than an answer.

It wasn't until a slight silence in the action, one of the announcers said that it was a Johnny Cash tattoo. And when he said that, we still thought it looked more like Wayne Newton than Johnny Cash's profile from Live at Folsom Prison album.